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Our Latest Adventure

Folotjing Feed The Children Program
Christmas 2021
Folotjing Helps His Neighbors

Staying true to the book’s message, every penny the book has made thus far has been donated to the CDC and my neighbors in the Philippines that were affected by the country’s lockdown.

A small contribution goes a very long way.
Every little bit will help folks in need get through the day.
Bread is the name of God to those who are hungry.
Blessed are those that lift the cross off the poor and weary.

- 04/19/2020

Fountain Valley Living Article

Folotjing was cordially invited to read with Mrs. Amanda Varrone's 5th Grade class this Friday, March 6, 2020 at Courreges Elementary School.

Courreges' Principal Mr. Chris Christensen gave our book an awesome review:
"Folotjing is clever a story about a small creature who shows amazing kindness and compassion, even when treated poorly by other creatures who he comes in contact with within the story.

Rio N. Cortez is the author and illustrator of Folotjing. His illustrations are beautiful, as they capture the spirit and essence of the story and message. I would highly recommend Folotjing as an ideal read for students at the upper primary or middle school reading levels."


Thank you very much Courreges Elementary School
We are deeply honored.

- Update: 03/06/2020

Today's event went so much better than I could have ever imagined.

I cannot thank Mrs. Varrone enough and praise her students enough, my mind was blown away by their participation and attentiveness.

They made my job so much easier, her kids are witty and wise, and it was electrifying to see their eyes light up.

I had no idea what to expect but the students just made everything easy and exciting.

Today was truly an honor and a privilege, I feel very blessed to have met Mrs. Varrone and her class, and the other two teachers and their classes that joined us as well.

It was a much bigger audience than I expected, and because of that, it became a much better experience.

I only wish I had enough books to give away as prizes.

Another great news of the day, it was announced during the morning assembly that Mr. Christensen was honored with the "Principal of the Year" award.  CONGRATULATIONS Principal Chris Christensen!

Chris Christensen Courreges.jpg
Folotjing 3.png
The book is now available at these online bookstores
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