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Folotjing swinging out of the page!

Haribon - Guardian of The Orient Pearl
It Is Right To Celebrate

A small contribution goes a very long way.
Every little bit will help folks in need get through the day.
Bread is the name of God to those who are hungry.
Blessed are those that lift the cross off the poor and weary.


Some days we just don’t feel well.
Be it a headache, cold, or just a bad spell.
Relax, sit back, have a cup of hot tea.
Spritz it with lemon add a spoonful of honey.
A positive thought that tomorrow will be better,
Your heart will feel lighter and your day a little brighter.

Feel Better Folotjing

In Memory of those we've lost to COVID-19

Folotjing Dealing with Loss
Folotjing Gardening

Folotjing comforts kids out of school due to COVID-19

Folotjing Let's Read

Folotjing's contribution to the COVID-19 campaign

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