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IndieReader Folotjing Review

THE MAGNIFICENT ADVENTURES OF FOLOTJING by Rio N. Cortez is a whimsical book captures the reader’s interest from the start, with its papery background and simply sketched drawings; one can easily imagine that these pages have come from an ancient collection of folktales about wonder and magic. This impression is further supported by the book’s rhyme scheme and its division into short tales, each of which teaches a lesson of kindness by using Folotjing’s actions as an example, without being too preachy or moralistic.

Folotjing is clever a story about a small creature who shows amazing kindness and compassion, even when treated poorly by other creatures who he comes in contact with within the story. 


Rio N. Cortez is the author and illustrator of Folotjing.  His illustrations are beautiful, as they capture the spirit and essence of the story and message.  I would highly recommend Folotjing as an ideal read for students at the upper primary or middle school reading levels. 

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A wonderful story with a great theme.

A wonderful story with a great theme.  My students loved hearing the story of the Magnificent Fojotjing.  Thank you for sharing the story with my class!

- Mrs. Amanda Varrone 5th Grade Teacher
Courreges Elementary School.


5 Star Review:

"The Magical Adventures of Folotjing – The Brave and Kindhearted is a fantastically whimsical picture book written for children, and it was penned and illustrated by author Rio N. Cortez. Focusing on plot themes such as the power of kindness, mind over matter, and the true nature of heroic acts, this is an engaging read with high levels of visual stimulation in its gorgeous accompanying artwork. Folotjing is a dwendi, a creature from Filipino folklore who is tiny and magical, and whom only children can see. In this adventure, which takes place in a dark forest, our little friend shows immense bravery and wins the day through kindness despite the dangers he faces.

"Author and illustrator Rio N. Cortez has created an utterly delightful story from start to finish with the immersive and truly beautiful stories of Folotjing. The sweet little dwendi is charming, both in the colorful and sepia-toned pages of the picture book and in the lovingly crafted poetic verses and dialogue where he shows his incredible kindness. The moment with the wolf melted my heart from the off. There is a rhyme scheme that keeps the readability flowing for younger, accompanied readers to the book, but it also never interferes with the language usage and the scheme changes to fit different moments of the story. Deceptively complex in its creation, this gives each moment of the tale a different atmospheric feel whilst also staying simple enough for younger readers to access it. Overall, The Magical Adventures of Folotjing – The Brave and Kindhearted is an unmissable picture book that every child should own."


- By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite @


5 Star Review:

"The Magnificent Adventures of Folotjing - The Brave and Kindhearted is a well-intended, adorable, and wonderfully drawn and written book by Rio. N Cortez. The illustrations are colorful and they definitely caught my eye. Cortez’s illustrations are sure to attract and entertain its target audience. I found it to be a visually appealing book that has many important lessons to be learned. The story itself is short, to the point, and very sweet. Folotjing is easily captured because of his height and size but he makes up for it by being sharp, brave, and oh-so-kind.

"We have learned in life that it is not easy to forgive someone who means to cause you harm and Cortez skillfully presents this dilemma in a short but concise way. When Folotjing hesitates before helping the bear, I sympathized with him. It is realistic and smart to stop and think first before you head back into possible danger, but even though the bear first intended to do harm on the small Dwendi, Folotjing still goes back to help him anyway. Folotjing’s actions teach me the importance of a good heart. I think this book is outstanding because it managed to convey such important lessons in two short stories. Truly a marvelous work, good job!"


- By Jessica Barbosa for Readers’ Favorite @


5 Star Review:

"Rio N. Cortez’s mythological adventure book for children, The Magnificent Adventures of Folotjing - The Brave and Kindhearted, introduces young readers to a Dwendi whose natural senses of goodness and kindness seem to keep him not only safe but help him make good friends throughout the forest he calls home. I was fascinated by this vulnerable yet quick-thinking little creature and loved reading about his adventures. Each fable shows kids how to be generous, forgive others and live by their word. Cortez also illustrated his book, and the pen-and-ink drawings on sepia-toned paper work perfectly with the stories he includes. I’m hoping to encounter Folotjing in his other adventures. The Magnificent Adventures of Folotjing - The Brave and Kindhearted is most highly recommended."


- By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite @

3 out of 4 Star Review:

"The Magnificent Adventures of Folotjing the Brave and Kindhearted by Rio N. Cortez is a fun children’s book about the mythical Dwendi, Folotjing. He’s a clever creature who lives in the forest. Although some of the other animals try to pick on little Folotjing, he shows that kindness is the best way to get out of trouble and make a new friend at the same time.

This story is both adorable and original, which makes it a refreshing change from other children’s books. The author has created a fun, likeable protagonist but doesn’t spend too much time trying to describe him or introduce him to the reader. Instead, he allows Folotjing’s actions to speak for him, and the reader comes to know him through his kindness and willingness to help others. The charm of this book is only increased by the illustrations included, which look like line drawings from older children’s books and evoked a sense of nostalgia when I saw them."


- By Juliana Isabella @

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